Minggu, 12 Oktober 2014

How To Find The Best Business Travel Agency

If you have started your search for the best travel agent to get you to your business engagement with first class service, you have probably come across hundreds of corporate travel companies that claim to offer exactly that. If this is the first time you are choosing a travel agent for your business, the amount of competition is particularly confusing if you really are looking for the best service on offer. After reading this article, you should go away with a clear perspective on things and know how to identify the best corporate travel agents. When comparing the agencies available, refer to these guidelines on what qualities to look out for: 1. Good reputation A good reputation is often a key indicator of the level of services you can expect from a corporate travel agent. Therefore a company who's name has a proven ability to deliver its promises to the right clients, often results in high quality customer services. A renowned business travel agent also uses company policies, testimonials and enquiry forms to prove that it conducts business well and tries to deal with and resolve all client complaints. Read online reviews made by past clients to get an even better impression of the travel companies reputation. 2. Competitive prices A top quality service offered at competitive prices is a desirable feature for any business traveller, whether you will use them in the short or long term. Competitive price is therefore essential to the future success of a business travel company, such as discounts on bulk or repeat booking to help retain customers. You should make sure that the travel agency consistently offers standard and executive bookings to you and your staff at reasonable prices. 3. Financially stable When checking on the financial status of a business travel agent, remember that a company with a sound financial backing will not require you and your staff to make payments after every booking. It will be able to get credit from its supplier, which will then be transferred to its clients. This is one very good reason why it's worth your while to check that the travel agency is not writhing in debts. One sign that the agency is experiencing financial difficulties is if they deny your booking. It would be best to look elsewhere if this happens. 4. Timely and regularly updated services One of the most telling indications of whether a business travel agency is capable of delivering on time is by checking how long it takes them to process the booking. A good travel agency will have no problem with making short notice bookings. For a business travel agency to offer timely and up-to-date services, it must have strong professional connections with all the major tour companies, hotels and airlines. It must make online bookings using modern and have the confidence and knowledge to advise you on what and where to book. 5. Experienced and knowledgeable customer support department When you contact a business travel agency, your first point of contact will be their customer support team. As they will form your first impression of the company, they must answer your queries in a satisfactory manner at all times. Therefore, when looking for a reputable business travel agency, choose the one whose customer support department sounds the strongest. In addition, the customer support staff should be highly trained, presentable and easy to reach via phone, email and face-to-face chat. They should also get the billing organised quickly so that you have plenty of time to make payments. By taking the time to use the sound advice in the points above, you are sure to find the best travel agency to organise your business trip.

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